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Daily Like 韓國鍋鏟 【預計5月下旬到貨】

RM 45.00
Daily Like 韓國鍋鏟 【預計5月下旬到貨】 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

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Material : Silicon
Size : Refer back on product photo
Country of origin : Korea

When the stains cannot be wiped off, put the products to the water and heat it, take it out and clean it again with baking soda.

After 30 seconds of hot water sterilization and 30 seconds of microwave sterilization, it has strong durability and can withstand temperatures of -50-250 degrees. Please dry in a normal temperature place or wipe with a dry cloth.

Mix and soak in the ratio of sugar 1: water 2 for more than 4 hours, wash with clean water, expose to the outside for 4 hours and dry for deodorize purpose.

Put the baking soda in boiling water for 3 minutes and take it out for washing, which can cleanly remove the stickiness on the silica gel.

Appropriate size, suitable for making supplementary food for baby, safe tableware, no damage to pot and tableware, no peculiar smell.

*Note : Silicone products are made of molds, and small black spots and the injection port of silicone frame abrasives cannot be avoided. Perfectionists should be careful. The above problems will not be dealt with quality problems.

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