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BBELL Meat Hammer【少量現貨】

RM 45.00
BBELL Meat Hammer【少量現貨】 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

bbell meat hammer1

How to use:
1. Make meat chops and prepare tools. The side with blunt nails is used to cut the meat fiber, and the smooth surface is used to expand the meat. It is convenient to tap a few times.

2.Hard texture, durable, no corrosion and rust.

3.Suitable for chicken, pork, veal, and even steak cutting, perfect for family cooks etc.

4.Quality and durability: suitable for enhancing the flavor of barbecue, steak, pork ribs, sirloin, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, goose, duck, etc. It is durable and sharp, and the needle can easily pierce any meat or poultry, ensuring you can rich in hard or thick cut taste.

5.Easy to use and save time: Simple and straightforward action, using this meat tenderizer on any meat, can penetrate deeper and faster into the marinade, reducing cooking time by 40%, even for poultry with uneven thickness to be thoroughly cooked.

bbell meat hammer

Product Specification:
Weight: 0.31kg
Dimensions: Length 22cm x Width 8cm x Thickness 5cm

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